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My Scentsy Story



I first discovered the amazing world of Scentsy the way most do, through a friend. Every time I went to her house I was always amazed by how wonderful her home smelled. She was the first person to introduce me to what a Scentsy warmer was and how the system worked. It was at her house where I first smelled the sweet aroma of Perfectly Pomegranate. I can say with great confidence that Perfectly Pomegranate was the scent that got me hooked. 


It wasn’t long after that when I attended my first Scentsy party and purchased my first warmer. It was Fizz and I still have it sitting on my kitchen counter and use it daily. I also discovered and fell in love with some new scents. My new favorites became Baked Apple Pie, Love Story, Paradise Punch, and Camu Camu. 


My love for Scentsy and the way it made my home smell was something that I wanted to share with my family. That year for Christmas most of my family members received warmers and a selection of bars as gifts. None of them had ever heard of Scentsy before. Just as I knew they would they were amazed at the wonderful way it enhanced their homes. 


Over the next year as my Scentsy collection grew, I started thinking about becoming a consultant. I didn’t know how to go about it or what it would entail but I was interested in finding out more. Then one day I happen to be at an event with my children and I met Joann, who would later become my Scentsy sponsor. She guided me through the process of becoming a consultant and has given me the foundation to build a successful Scentsy business. 


I became a Scentsy consultant because I really, truly love the product. Also, being a busy mom this allows me to have a way to earn extra money for my family while being able to work around my schedule. I love being a Scentsy consultant where I get to share a wonderful product with people. Plus, there’s always a party to attend!


If you would like to learn more about how you can start on your own Scentsy Journey or if you are interested in Hosting a party to earn your favorite Scentsy for free or half-priced, please call or text me. Thank you! 702-321-9729 


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